Commercial Properties: Maintenance Programs

People everywhere understand the gist of the hospitality industry as a guest, but for property owners and managers, the hospitality industry has a revolving door of guests from business professionals to families, and with the vast majority of guests taking advantage of each and every facility that a property has to offer; there’s an important responsibility of ensuring that a hotel’s maintenance meets and exceeds guests’ standards.

Property managers understand that they can cut overall expenses by protecting their assets such as the building, equipment and supplies, by taking preventative maintenance measures for their staff to follow. However, the use of a third-party company or outside vendor, such as Pacific Sustainable Services, for all of your preventative maintenance needs can keep your staff from falling behind on work-orders and focus on what’s most important to your industry: guests.

Scheduling a preventative maintenance service with Pacific Sustainable Services can reduce emergency requests, overall work-orders, increase your property’s referrals, save you and your staff’s time and help create a more memorable and enjoyable stay for your guests. We outline our preventative maintenance programs based on two things: need and budget.


Pacific Sustainable Services’ maintenance week programs offer a first-class experience that will give you a refreshed suite without the oft-astronomical costs of a full renovation.

Preventative maintenance programs offer the same topnotch treatment in a shorter time-frame. Our team will only assess and touch-up critical areas of the room, based off of a predetermined scope of work. This program is often paired with our maintenance week program for bi-annual services to keep your suite, common areas, and recreational facilities fully-functional and fresh.

The carpet care program is precisely what it sounds like. In just a few hours, our specialty technicians can add brightness, a fresh aroma and remove high foot-traffic stains in your suites, common areas, boardrooms, recreational facilities and just about wherever you need it. Our team uses HEPA vacuums with anti-allergen technology, hot water extractors and dry-out blowers for hypoallergenic quick-dry results. This service can be added to any maintenance or preventative maintenance contract and is our number one emergency service request!

Our services range from painting to carpet extracting, power washing to deep-sanitization, inspecting heating and cooling systems, plumbing and water supply lines, electrical and lighting, safety, furniture and décor, equipment and supplies, exterior…and so much more!